Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

About Us

Bernicia World uses the Opensim software and is free for anyone to use.

You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to join Brenicia World!

All you need to join Bernicia World is a suitable viewer. We recommend Firestorm viewer, which is available from

Be sure to download the Opensim version of the viewer, since the Second Life(r) version does not support logging into Opensim worlds.

When you have downloaded and installed it, open the viewer preferences by pressing [CTRL+P] on your PC or [CMD+P] on your Apple computer.

Then look down the left side and click on “Opensim” and type or copy the following into the “Add New Grid” box;

Click “OK” and after a couple of minutes you should see our welcome screen. Click on “Create an Account” then follow the prompts to join. Please Note: to keep our world safe from trolls and griefers, we have to approve your account at first (let us know you have registered in the blog – just comment and say you have registered), after that you can login without any checks. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, please email zoe.synclair@gmail and put as the subject “NEW REGISTRATION”.

We advise that you do NOT use your real name as your avatar name but we will need a valid email address to send you a welcome message so that you can log in.

You might have thought that Opensim worlds are full of geeks and enthusiasts. Well, yes, many people here are enthusiasts but are usually more than happy to help you if they can.

Opensim Worlds are as varied as those who use them. Some people like to socialise, others prefer to keep to themselves. Usually, if a world is open and searchable, the owner welcomes visitors and socialising.

Although many Opensim worlds look like “Second Life(r)”, there is a huge difference behind the scenes. Average users who do not run a world themselves will not notice much difference. The main difference you may find is that there is an awful lot of free stuff around Opensim worlds as opposed to SL, where most stuff is for sale.

Another big difference you might notice is that some Opensim worlds have Non-player Characters (NPC’s), which show up on your map as an avatar and often do repetitive tasks on the regions. It can be confusing but if you open the “people” dialogue in your viewer you will siometimes see them listed as “NPC” or, if they are all zero days old you can reliably assume they are NPC’s.

I’ll be adding blog posts to the blog page that might help, including how to join a world. So for now I’ll just say…

Have fun!